Workshop with Mads 2013

Scope of the Conference

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The conference will cover the following topics through presentations, workshops and debates. For an annotated and detailed list, go to our Programme page on the menu.


  • Chess in Prisons
  • Chess in Communities
  • Chess with Refugees
  • Chess in Informal Learning Places


  • Early Years Chess
  • Chess and Maths
  • Training Education Professionals to Teach Chess
  • Chess Teachers’ Qualification Needs and Certification
  • Inclusion and Integration in School Chess
  • The Role of Families in School Chess
  • Chess for Children Diagnosed with ADHD
  • Teaching Scholastic Chess
  • Youth Counselling with Chess
  • Chess in Camps for School Students
  • International Exchanges in School Chess
  • Lobbying for School Chess


  • Social Investing in Chess
  • Working with Volunteers in Chess
  • Social Opportunities for Chess Federations
  • Chess for the Visually Impaired
  • Chess for Old People
  • Chess against Addiction
  • Chess against Depression
  • Chess and Football

If you wish to present contact us at

About John Foley

Director, London Chess Conference
Member, Education Commission, European Chess Union
Promoting chess as a way to develop thinking skills

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