London Chess Conference 2018: The Future of Chess in Education – Presentations

John ClaughtonInternational BaccalaureateProviding a Broad Education
Jesper HallEuropean Chess UnionPreparing Kids for the Digital AgeVideo
Bachar KouatlyFrench Chess FederationUsing Chess for Social PolicyVideo
Malcolm PeinChess in Schools and CommunitiesA role for FIDE in EducationVideo
Graeme GardinerGardiner ChessChess for Special NeedsVideo
Giulio FrassonCentro Studi PodrescaInternational Day of Human AbilitiesVideo
Boris BruhnGerman School Chess FoundationShould after-school chess be taught by volunteers or professionals?Video
Paul BarasiWimbledon Chess ClubThe Future of Chess Clubs
Vince Negri
Beyond the Board Training
Chess Clubs: Function and Future
Graeme GardinerUniversity of Southern QueenslandChess Develops Planning Skills
Stefan LöfflerChessPlusIs there a role for Desktop Computers ?Video
Boris BruhnGerman School Chess FoundationChess in Education Strategy – Germany
Jesper HallEuropean Chess UnionChess in Education Strategy – ECU
Jerry NashChess in Schools LLC Chess in Education: Challenges, Strategies, International Opportunities
Neil DietschChess in Schools LLCBusiness Development for Chess in Education Organizations
Boris BruhnGerman School Chess FoundationAlster River Tournament – HamburgVideo
Sarah LongsonUK Chess ChallengeDelancey UK Schools Chess ChallengeVideo
Jesper HallSwedish Chess FederationSchack4an / National Year 4 TournamentVideo
Kevin CripeChess for Children, PanamaThe Learning Spiral: a New Way to Teach and Study Chess
Boris RaguetFrench Chess FederationTeaching Computer Programming Skills through Chess
CHAMPS Chess and Mathematics in Primary Schools
John FoleyChessPlusChess Mathematics ExercisesVideo
Stanislav VlčekPrimary School Veľká Ida, SlovakiaSchool feedbackVideo
Viera HaraštováPrimary School Skalica, SlovakiaMathematics on the chessboard
Mark SzavinEszterházy University, HungarySchool feedbackVideo
Rita AtkinsChessPlusSolving ProblemsVideo
Jorge SilvaLudus, PortugalTeaching MathematicsVideo
David SmerdonUniversity of QueenslandWhat Economists are Learning from ChessVideo
Mark PriceHouse of LordsThe Foolish KingVideo
Fernand GobetUniversity of LiverpoolChess and Intuition

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