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Award-Winning Family Business for Early Chess

Chess wasn´t supposed to be suitable for pre-teenage children only a century ago. Since then it has not only entered primary education but the game is now reaching preschool. Some chess schools and teachers have started to focus on very young children. Suitable materials for kindergartens and infant schools have recently come up in numerous countries. To feature this development we introduced a workshop “Early Years Chess”, giving opportunity to some of the pioneers to present their approach.

(From left) Ariela, Boris, Lior and Luba Alterman work together as a family
(From left) Ariela, Boris, Lior and Luba Alterman work together as a family

Among these pioneers are Boris and Luba Alterman and their company Chess in a New Way. Hundreds of Kindergartens and Primary Schools in Israel are using their materials, curriculum and trainings for educators.  Boris estimates that they are reaching close to 20,000 children. A Christian school in Ramle encouraged them to translate their textbook from Hebrew to Arabic.

Shortly after Boris and Luba returned from our 2013 conference, Chess in a New Way was voted Israel´s best small business among many hundreds of applicants. This ensured a lot of attention and publicity.

Chess World AppChess in a New Way is truely a family business. Their daughter Ariela is working in the company and will also come to London to show and explain their materials in our exhibition. Their son Lior, a programming genius who has started a professional IT career at 15, has developed an app called Chess World which started sales just in time for our conference.


A Dutch Multi-Talent

foto Karel van Delft
Karel van Delft

Is there anybody else who is an expert on as many aspects of school chess as Karel van Delft? The psychologist, chess teacher and coach from Apeldoorn has just published a compendium on school chess in his native Dutch. “Schoolschaken” is available from his personal website and will be presented to the public at the prestigious Max Euwe Centrum in Amsterdam on 17 December.

Formerly a newspaper journalist, Karel covers the contributions of others equally well as he is explaining his own ideas and experiences. He proposes an analytic grid for evaluating chess instruction and has an original chapter on chess and dyslexia. The book includes a glossary of more than hundred pages with 328 entries and an annotated reading list. Out of his many fields of expertise, Karel will be presenting at our conference on chess instruction for gifted children and for autistic children, in both of which he has years of experience.

Back and front cover of Karel´s new book
Back and front cover of Karel´s new book

If you want an exemplar of “Schoolschaken” at the conference contact him at k.vandelft AT

Karel is also going to document the conference with us. His excellent footage of the 2013 presentations is still on his website.