Chess and Society Introductory Overview

The conference gets underway with three speakers who provide an overview of the impact of chess on society.

Councillor Ken Clark of the London Borough of Newham


Ken Clark (England) is a councillor with the London Borough of Newham. He has been influential in developing chess as an educational activity and also to bring a diverse community together. He will give the background to the Newham model whereby a local authority contracts for the supply of chess services.





Jonathan Rowson comments on the major issues facing society for the Royal Society of Arts

Dr. Jonathan Rowson (Scotland) is Director of the Social Brain Centre at the Royal Society of Arts. He is the author of a range of influential RSA reports on behaviour change, climate change and spirituality. He has degrees spanning a range of human sciences from Oxford, Harvard and Bristol and approaches research and innovation challenges from a trans-disciplinary perspective. As a former British chess champion he is well placed to reflect on the impact of chess on society.



Leontxo Garcìa is a succesful lobbyist for chess in Spain
Leontxo Garcìa is a succesful lobbyist for chess in Spain


Leontxo Garcia (Spain) is a leading chess journalist and broadcaster. He is one of the best known popularisers of chess in all its forms.

He has recently been involved with a chess in prisons project in Mexico. (See ChessBase article in Spanish.)





Chris Ross (Braille Chess Association)

Powerpoint ChrisRoss