Chess and Technology

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This year we have moved online in keeping with the theme of the Conference: Chess and Technology. We are inviting industry leaders, pioneers and startups alike. We are expecting 400+ attendees, mostly decision-makers, technologists and multipliers, and 25+ businesses to be present. In 30+ sessions of different formats, the conference will reflect on the fast developments since the start of the pandemic and offer glimpses of what we can expect in the near future. We also offer opportunities to exhibit products and to network.  For more information, visit ChessTech2020.

About John Foley

Director, London Chess Conference Secretary, Education Commission, European Chess Union Director, ChessPlus Ltd Promoting chess as a way to develop thinking skills

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  1. Hello
    Im preparing a research about ches in education in Egypt and i need some cridet resorces to my research ..can you help

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