Chess with Refugees

Workshop 14.00-15.00 Saturday 5 December 2015 

Chess is played all over the world and doesn´t require language skills. It is a powerful bridge to bring together people with diverse backgrounds and has recently inspired initiatives for refugees in several countries.

Dijana Dengler is an expert chess teacher for children with special needs
Dijana Dengler teaches chess to groups with special needs


Dijana Dengler (Germany)
Münchener Schachakademie






Niels van der Marck (Netherlands)

Schaakvereniging Doetinchem

What can you do when you hear that asylum seekers have come to the old prison in your town and besides their worries they are also bored? You gather old chess sets from everywhere and you ask your chess club members to donate a new chessboard. That is what happened in Doetinchem a year ago.

A short film by Niels
Powerpoint (30MB mainly photos)  presentation London


Åke Drott from Gothenburg


Ake Drott (Sweden)

Ake is a social worker who is using chess with great success with unaccompanied young refugees near Gothenburg.






KinekeKineke Mulder (Austria)

Kineke is running a chess project at the railway station in Vienna.  When refugees arrive they are greeted to a game of chess. A nice welcome for families in stress.  Photos at the railway station.


Philippe Vukojevic (Belgium)

Linguist, Chess Trainer
Chess with Refugees, Red Cross

Présentation – 20151206 – Language Acquisition
Présentation – 20151206 – Refugees