New Game Call until 25 November

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Ten of these for the winner
Ten of these for the winner

At the request of some contributors, we have extended the deadline to submit a new game suitable for primary school students by ten days until 25th November. An international jury will judge all suitable submissions at the conference and vote the winner of the £500 first prize.

The game, which should not already have been published, must make use of the chess board and pieces but doesn’t have to be a chess variant. Here is an example.

Imagine a student is early for chess and volunteers to help you prepare the boards. You ask if he or she wants to play a game. If yes, you ask him or her to tell you a number between 2 and 9. Then you explain the rules: You make alternating moves. A move is setting up between one piece and as many pieces as the number picked by your student. Whoever sets up the last piece (i.e. the 32nd piece) wins. Now you can let your student choose who shall begin.

You can also let students play this game against each other. It can equally be played putting away the pieces. When you put away pieces after class, there will be different numbers left on the boards, which makes for variation.

This game is actually an adaptation of the Subtraction Game. It will take even smart students a few games to work out the winning strategy. Can you figure it out?

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