John Foley is Sixty Today

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John Foley pictureThe co-director of our conference and frequent author of this website is celebrating his sixtieth birthday this Tuesday. Of Irish origin, he studied in Oxford, Lancaster and London. He is also a qualified barrister. Apart from practicing law he worked in highly qualified positions in the film and media industries. Full of ideas, he has always a fascinating project on his hand.

A couple of years ago John saw opportunity and demand for better mathematics education at the time Chess in Schools and Communities was set up. It was a match at the right moment. The charity started to work with John and appointed him Director of Training and Education. John has since trained a thousand of teachers and chess tutors in England, Wales and Ireland, and has written teaching manuals and children workbooks. Always up for something new, this summer he co-organized an international chess summer camp in Riga.

John with students at the Baltic Chess Camp 2014
John with students at the Baltic Chess Camp 2014
His strategic insight is now fruitful for the English Chess Federation, which recently elected him into its board as a Non-executive Director. John is also a member of the newly formed Education Commission of the European Chess Union.

As a strong tournament player he was much in demand for several league games during the last few days. When it comes to schools, John is less keen on the game´s competitive side and is stressing the educational potential of scholastic chess. He loves to think up mathematical puzzles connected with chess and to learn about new game ideas. Any submission to our game design competition will come as a gift.

Happy Birthday and best wishes, dear John! It is a pleasure and a privilege to work with you.

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