Please spare 5 Minutes!

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What is the main cause in your country why fewer girls and women pick up our game? What is your best explanation why so few females reach top levels at chess? What do you think about some of the measures federations use to promote females in chess?

Our short online questionnaire takes only five minutes to complete. You are welcome to participate regardless of your sex and if you attend the conference or not. Your input, if in by this Saturday lunch-time, will inform our debates and ultimately our results and recommendations. Here you go.

1 thought on “Please spare 5 Minutes!

  1. Quite straightforward-proportionately less girls are interested in both maths and chess than boys and of those even less want to dedicate their time to chess professionally to any degrees. But in Russia there is no shortage of girls interested in chess even with all this. More that fewer decide later in life to go all the way. Too nerdy, not too cool

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