Here you can see and download the conference presentations in pdf format by clicking on the presentation title.

Boris Alterman, Chess in a New Way, Israel
Preschool Chess

Neill Cooper, English Chess Federation
Chess and Mathematics in UK Secondary Schools

Joaquin Fernandez Amigo, Autonomous University of Barcelona
Play with Chess Resources to Improve Your Maths

Wendi Fischer, American Foundation for Chess
Chess to Develop the Whole Child

Roland Grabner, University of Graz, Austria
Successful Maths Learning Insights from Cognitive Neuroscience

Richard James, Chess Coach, London
Once upon a time there Lived a Boy

Bo Johansson, University of Uppsala, Sweden
A Link between Chess and Maths (presentation)

Is there a Link between Chess and Arithmetic? (article)

Jérôme Maufras, Académie de Créteil, France

Anna Nicotera, Basis Policy Research, USA
Literature Review of School Chess Studies – Executive Summary

CCSCSL Literature Review of School Chess Studies (long version)

Alan Parr, Primary Mathematics Consultant, UK
Thinking Games and Primary Maths Lessons

Joreta Parsons, MiniChess South Africa
Preschool MiniChess in an Informal Settlement Area in South Africa

Beatrice Rapaccini, Secondary Maths and Informatics Teacher, Italy
Introducing Primary Students to Computational Thinking with a Giant Chess Board

Giovanni Sala, University of Liverpool
Chess and Metacognition – A Pilot Study

Susan Sallon, Metropolitan Manchester University
Does Chess Improve Cognitive Ability

Erzsébet Sárlos, Poppyflower Elementary School Telki, Hungary
Chess and Logic Curriculum

Carmine Saura, University of Girona, Spain
Chess as an Educational Tool – Project Girona

Christina Schenz, University of Passau, Germany
Promoting Giftedness with Chess

Jennifer Shahade, Author and Editor, US Chess Federation
You Must be Good at Math

Jorge Nuno Silva, University of Lisbon
Mathematics & Games The Meaning of Life

Latin Erdös

Roberto Trinchero, University of Turin
Can Chess in School Improve Maths Ability?

Karel van Delft, Author, Netherlands
Chess Lessons in Leonardo Schools for Highly Gifted Children

Chess and Autism_ A Bridge between two Worlds

David Wells, Author and Mathematician, UK
The Connections between Chess and Mathematics

Magdalena Zielinska, Polish Chess Federation
Chess Teachers’ Training Program in Poland

2 thoughts on “Presentations

  1. Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

    Is it possible to tell me when the next conference of the London Chess Classic will be scheduled (if the date is already known). Last year (I mean 2014) , I knew it too late and I couldn’t attend the conference anymore.

    Although I am a linguïst (I did scientific research on language acquisition, I teach Dutch at university level (to translators) and I am a translator / interpreter / language coach myself), chess is playing an increasingly important part in my professional activities. One day in a week, I teach chess in a primary school (in Dutch to French speaking children (5 – 12 years)), since 3 years, I teach chess in a teacher training institute and I give lectures on a regular basis (for several chess federations and schools) about chess in schools, coaching, etc.

    Therefore, I am very interested in attending conferences and events on the subject ‘chess in schools’ and ‘chess and education’ and in learning more about the several aspects of those items.

    Is it possible to register my email address in your database, so that I can be informed about the initiatives you take in this respect?

    In the meantime, I wish you a very fine 2015!

    Best regards,

    Philippe Vukojevic

    rue de grand-feu 19 – 5522 falaën – Belgium
    (t) +32 82 644 517 – (f) +32 82 647 907 – (m) +32 497 166 318

    1. Dear Philippe

      Thank you for your enquiry.
      The next Chess and Education Conference will be on 5&6 December 2015 at London Hilton Olympia. The theme will be Chess and Society.
      We will be sending out details later.


      John Foley

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