German School Chess Organisers Congress

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Keeping children interested
Mini games with Walter Raedler

More than one hundred school chess organisers and activists from the German speaking countries met in Bad Hersfeld, a spa town near Frankfurt, for the seventh German School Chess Congress. A dozen experts presented methods and ideas to improve chess instruction in the classroom as well as after school.  Stefan Loffler presided over a “game inventing workshop” and presented chess-related mathematical games and puzzles. Local kids were invited for lessons as by Walter Raedler on mini games  suitable for beginners.

"Methods Box for Chess Instruction" Made in Germany
Methods Box for Chess Instruction

A highlight of the meeting was the presentation of the Methodenkoffer, a unique collection of materials to enrich chess instruction. The box, which is sold by the Deutsche Schulschachstiftung for €170, will also be on display at the exhibition of chess instruction materials at the London Conference.

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