Chess in Prisons

Saturday 5th December 2015  15.00 – 16.00

Chess is being used by prison authorities to supplement basic skills of numeracy and literacy. It is also being used to help prisoners  frame their actions in terms of the consequences. We look at experiences in using chess for education and therapy not only in the UK but internationally. CSC (Chess in Schools and Communities) is known for its school education programme, but it has a community aspect to its activities.



Kajetan Wandowicz (Poland / UK)

CSC Prisons Co-ordinator

Kajetan is piloting a short chess course at Bristol prison. The prison authorities have been pleasantly surprised at how well chess has been received by the inmates.




Carl Portman (England)
Manager of Chess in Prisons for the English Chess Federation

Following his appointment to this voluntary post in 2014 there was little structured chess in English prisons. He has now established chess clubs in three prisons. His column in “Inside Time”, the national prison magazine, generates a large volume of correspondence. Based upon these testimonies, he will describe the fascinating and positive effect that chess has on prisoners.

Powerpoint CarlPortman

Leontxo Garcia
Leontxo Garcia, Spain

Leontxo is a relentless promoter of the social uses of chess, which is the time of his much acclaimed book “Ajedrez y Ciencia – Passiones Mezcladas”. He has visited and lectured in prisons in Spain and Mexico.