Training Teachers to Teach Chess

Sunday 5th December 2015  10.30 – 12.00

Training education professionals to teach chess is essential if more children are to learn the game. Apart from knowing how the pieces move, what do teachers need to know about chess and about its didactic possibilities? This workshop is a window on American experience and perspective.

Jerry NashJerry Nash, USA
National Chess Education Consultant

Jerry received the 2015 Chess Educator of the Year Award in February 2015 from the of University Texas, Dallas at which he spoke on Case for Chess (video), sharing ideas to expand the game into the education community and using it to improve literacy, math and critical thinking skills.

Alabama: Chess is more than a game article (PDF).



coachjay-01Jay Stallings, USA
Scholastic Council for US Chess

Jay is re-vamping the Certified Chess Coach Program for US Chess. He has brought together a team of chess coaches from across the USA to assist over the next several months.

He has been hired by several organisations to teach chess coaches how to be teachers, and to teach teachers how to be chess coaches. He has developed two separate courses with detailed subjects such as “Twelve techniques for de-escalating a situation that develops in a classroom.”

His scholastic chess curriculum (mainly for afterschool programs) is being used across American and even at a chess club in Japan and soon will be used in Uganda and South America. His chess app (Coach Jay’s Chess Academy) has over 30,000 downloads.

Classroom Management Chess Coach Training for CSC_2015
12 Methods of de-escalation


TeresaParrTeresa Parr, USA

Match Ashley Parr LLC

Dr. Parr and GM Maurice Ashley have created an online chess curriculum that makes it easy for any motivated individual to teach chess.  This curriculum was successfully used to train over 40 research assistants to teach chess in two large urban school districts. Dr. Parr and GM Ashley publish Pawn Mower puzzle books, organize chess camps and collaborate on research and other projects.  Dr. Parr also teaches psychology as an adjunct professor at Virginia Commonwealth University.



Tanja PflugTanja Pflug, Germany

Kinderschach in Deutschland

Tanja will talk about the challenge of training kindergarten educators.