World Café Debates

Saturday 5 December 17.30-18.30

The final session of the first day is dedicated to debate controversial issues. As in 2013 we are using a version of the World Cafe format (Wikipedia explanation). Each debate will be moderated and presented by one or two speakers. Every twenty minutes you are invited to move and join in a different debate. Choose the three questions that you are most interested in and bring your insights and suggestions to the tables!

Where to Invest Public Money on Chess?
John Adams, economist and Chris Fegan

Why do boys dominate school chess, and what should be done about it?
Sandy Ruxton, independent public policy professional and Magdalena Zielińska

Do we Teach the Wrong Kind of Chess in Schools?
Stefan Löffler, journalist
Jerome Maufras would have presented this but for the recent events in Paris.
PDF London Presentation 2015 Maufras

Let’s make Chess Life more Friendly!
Stephen Moss, journalist (a recent Guardian article on English chess has sparked debate)

What is the Earliest and Latest Best Age to Start Learning Chess?
Olga Dolzhikova, chess trainer, and Leontxo Garcia, author

Does Chess Need to be More Inclusive?
Malola Prasath, education consultant, and Chris Moss, Braille Chess Association

Neoclassical Chess – An Alternative for Competitive and School Chess?
Gabriel Bobadilla, chess inventor
PDF PresNcChess2015